An application development secret “too good to be true”

30 May, 2017
Larry Hart

We are all familiar with the phrase “Too good to be true”. We’ve all seen the latest workout fad that promises six-pack abs and chiseled muscles from head-to-toe in just 10 weeks. We’ve all seen claims of working from home a few hours a day and making millions of dollars every year. What about those stock trading systems that promise you so much money you can retire in 5 years? And every time, we tell ourselves, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

What if I told you that an application that makes digital transformation possible can deliver you 145 percent ROI and pay itself back in less than 7 months? I’m sure you’d think, “That’s simply too good to be true.” I felt the same way when I first heard these results, but it wasn’t the first time I’d heard about something that seemed too good to be true.

Early in my career, I traveled intermittently. That meant trying to get any status on a major airline was an act of futility. A few points here. A few points there. Then the status qualification year would close, and I still wouldn’t have status.

At one point, I had to travel to Asia for some customer meetings, so I booked my travel with American Airlines and got ready for my trip. Before I left, someone asked me if I had signed up for the “Platinum Challenge”. The individual explained that if I flew enough miles in 90 days, I would immediately get platinum status. Ha! “That is too good to be true,” I thought to myself. They gave me a number and I decided to call in. I signed up, and shortly after my return from Asia, I had platinum status. Sometimes, too good to be true really IS true!

So back to those numbers for a digital transformation project. Where exactly did they come from? They come from a Forrester report about IBM’s Application Discovery & Delivery Intelligence (ADDI) solution. This Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) report and analyzes ADDI, an application that provides visual representations of your entire application ecosystem so that you can safely and reliably update, create and integrate applications. This isn’t your everyday, back-of-the-envelope analysis.

Forrester puts a great deal of thought and analytical process into calculating results and uses its methodology for many different solutions. The most important aspect of the TEI is that they build the entire analysis on an actual implementation of the solution. This means a company is interviewed for the report that actually purchased and deployed the solution. Then, they receive the financial and operational benefits documented in the report. While it’s important to mention that “your mileage may vary”, it is probable that others with similar needs will achieve similar results.

Wouldn’t you like to get 145 percent ROI with a short, 7-month payback period? Should I even mention that the company also reduced application development and management time by 25 percent, and that they improved their application profitability by 20 percent? Perhaps that’s just too much for one blog post?

So ask yourself – is this all too good to be true? Whether you’re curious, skeptical or ready to uncover the secrets of ADDI, take a look for yourself by reading the report at the link above.

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