How flash storage can impact healthcare organizations

26 May, 2017
Fernanda Torres

In most industries, speed is a matter of competitive business advantage.

Information technology (IT) is deeply entwined with all aspects of healthcare. Volumes of digitized medical information, images and records are continuously generated and stored per person in the USA. Today MRIs, CAT scans and PET scans are routine, and they generate huge rich media files. And as the technology continues to evolve, the amount of data associated with it will continue to grow exponentially.

Patient care is a team effort. It’s a collaboration between patients, nurses, and doctors. Data is involved in most healthcare information transactions. That information needs to reside somewhere.

Data security is a priority in most industries. Healthcare is no different. The healthcare industry needs data security to protect patient information, images, medical records, and all other forms of healthcare data. Some data files are larger than others and continue to grow or develop in size over time. Despite the size of data files, a good storage infrastructure system can provide top-notch security and be able to scale as necessary.

Flash arrays have made tremendous progress. Now you can find all-flash arrays the size of a few pizza boxes that offer a full range of management features, including the ability to virtualize other storage systems in your data center so it all looks like one single pool of storage. Flash is efficient, effective and reliable which is what clinicians need to help provide the patient with care.

Healthcare needs fast, flexible, cost-effective, highly functional data storage that can handle image files, patient records and highly random office application workloads, and deliver data efficiently. Flash is a storage option that can help accomplish these goals. Therefore, we think flash storage is essential for healthcare data today and for future. Explore the flash products IBM offers for fast, flexible, cost-effective storage.

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