Lab Services helps India fertilizer co-op adopt emerging tech

26 June, 2017
Ramesh Mudumba

Organizations today are constantly looking for ways to make their IT more efficient, to save on operational costs and take advantage of the latest technologies—in short, to optimize their IT infrastructure. While the goals are obvious, it’s not always easy to determine how to achieve such changes, especially in a large and highly complex environment.

That’s where consulting with trusted IT advisors can make all the difference.

Improving data center efficiency, leveraging new technologies

Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited, known simply as IFFCO, is India’s largest cooperative, consisting of over 35,000 Indian businesses with diversified interests. IFFCO’s core business is manufacturing and selling fertilizers, and its cooperative movement reaches 55 million farmers in India.

IFFCO recently engaged a team from IBM Systems Lab Services to help it improve energy efficiency in its data center and optimize its use of IBM Power Systems servers to take advantage of emerging analytics and cloud technologies. It had several challenges to address and needed the careful attention of highly skilled IT consultants.

How Lab Services helped

The IBM Systems Lab Services team worked closely with IFFCO to understand its business goals and challenges. We gathered data from its existing IT environment, prioritized initiatives based on IFFCO’s needs and provided technology recommendations that would help solve its business challenges.

Hear directly from IFFCO about how working with IBM benefited its business:

IBM Systems Lab Services is a group of IT consultants with proven expertise in helping organizations design, build and deliver IT infrastructure. We help business design strategic plans for architectures that empower them for success in an increasingly complex business environment. We worked closely with IFFCO, becoming a trusted advisor to the CIO and providing thought leadership on how the fertilizer co-op could protect its investments and make the best use of its hardware for emerging workloads.

Taking full advantage of IT infrastructure

As a result of the project, IFFCO now has a more efficient infrastructure built on the latest IBM Power Systems enterprise servers and is taking full advantage of its capabilities. Its data center footprint is reduced, redundancy has improved and IT operational costs have dropped. IFFCO has become proactive on energy efficiency and is seeing significant cost savings. And, it has clear plans to exploit more state-of-the-art technologies to address its business imperatives, including better data analytics and dynamic hybrid cloud.

The work of IBM Systems Lab Services supports IFFCO in its vision “to enable Indian farmers to prosper through the timely supply of reliable, high quality agricultural inputs and services in an environmentally sustainable manner and to undertake other activities to improve their welfare.”

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