When real-time insights are at their most critical

05 September, 2017
Stefanie Ratledge

People don’t often associate IBM Flash Storage with patient care, but they should. A healthcare professional is only as effective as the data they possess – a patient’s age, allergies and previous medical conditions, for example.  If their access to that data is restricted or disrupted, the care they provide can be severely impacted.  And when time is critical to the situation, you have to be able to turn fast insight into faster action.

Today I’d like to introduce to you to our second feature company in our The Difference Between blog series, Memorial Hermann. Memorial Hermann Health System is a large not-for-profit healthcare system located in Texas, managing a total of 12 hospitals and over 100 outpatient locations, and supporting a network of 5,000 affiliated physicians.

Memorial Hermann must deliver effective, high-quality medical services that support its patients’ needs.  To make the best treatment decisions possible, doctors at Memorial Hermann require rapid, reliable access to patients’ medical records and fast insight into changing health indicators.

Delivering the best patient care

Memorial Hermann deployed IBM Flash Storage solutions to ensure its professionals have instant access to patient records and are able to analyze medical data in real time. It means they can provide first-class care faster – 99 percent faster to be exact. In an industry where time is critical, this improvement cannot be understated.

“The speed and reliability provided by IBM FlashSystem play a key role in helping us look after patients,” remarks Dr. Robert Murphy, Chief Medial Informatics Officer at Memorial Hermann. “For example, a condition called sepsis causes the body’s immune system to go into overdrive so that a basic infection can cause organ dysfunction or even death. By analyzing the medical records of all patients across our 12 hospitals in real time, we can detect patterns that indicate sepsis and take action in minutes instead of hours—that can be the difference between life and death.”

For Memorial Hermann, having the right storage solution means the difference between just in time and not enough time.   What can it mean for you and your company?

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